Frames for tiles
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  Frames which may be purchased to go with any of the 6-inch-square tiles
Iron Cork Wood
frame metal trivet 6841.jpg frame cork 6839.jpg frame wood for 6x6 cherry 6886.jpg frame wood for 6x6 pecan 6885.jpg
Trivet Frame, 8¾" Square, for 6" Tile

Trivet frame, 7" square for 6" tile

8" square frame for 6" tile, cherry finish
sold out
8" square frame for 6" tile, pecan finish

Frames shown below with tile (not included). With all frames, tile is loose in the frame, you will need to apply adhesive to hold it in place if you wish to mount it on the wall. The WOOD frames come with a small dowel that can be inserted in the back at the bottom to make a standing display frame.
frame metal trivet 6842.jpg frame cork 6840.jpg frame cherry with tile frame pecan 6870.jpg
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