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Wisconsin Wildflowers
11 oz. white ceramic mug 6-inch-square ceramic tile
(use as a trivet or frame to use as a wall hanging)
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mug wi wildflowers tile 147  6714.jpg

A complete list of the wildflowers and their location is on the reverse side of the mug from the graphic

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On this version the design is slightly smaller and the names of the plants form a border around the outside

Add a frame to your tile - details
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Cork Iron Wood (2 finishes available)

Wisconsin wildflowers are arranged around the state in areas where you would be likely to find them growing. Northern Woods - NW: Canada anemone, Showy lady's slipper, False rue anemone, Wood violet, Bunchberry, Gaywings; NE: Pink lady's slipper, Jack-in-the-pulpit, Yellow trout lily, Hepatica, Trillium; Door Co: Indian paintbrush, Yellow lady's slipper, Dwarf lake iris; SE (Moist Prairie): Purple and Prairie coneflowers, Liatris, Bottle gentian, Shooting star, Downy gentian, New England aster; SW (Dry Upland Prairie): Prairie smoke, Wild lupine, Hoary puccoon, Pasque flower, Bird foot violet, Butterfly weed; West Central (Moist Woods): Spring beauty, Jacob's ladder, Wild geranium, Marsh marigold, Skunk cabbage, Wild ginger, Dutchman's breeches, Wild columbine, Yellow violet, Bloodroot.

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