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WI Country Sampler
red navy khaki

A design incorporating images typical of the Wisconsin countryside . . . Farm buildings are nestled in rolling hills with contour crops of grain, corn and alfalfa. Apples grow (near Gays Mills), cranberries (in the north central part of the state), cherries (Door County of course), corn (Southwestern WI) and potatoes on the Central Sands (the “second home” of the artist during the growing season). A pair of friendly cows, a horse emerging from the barn, sheep grazing on a hillside and a farmer driving his tractor complete the agricultural picture. The Baraboo Bluffs, lakes and rivers, and a country church against a backdrop of the north woods and trillium on the verge of a deciduous forest complete this country view of Wisconsin.

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  An original computer graphics design by R. V. James
All designs © R. V. James email Updated 11-Feb-2011