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Screen printing - my first prints of the century!

I started screen printing when I was in junior high and did it for about 30 years. My parents helped me a lot during this process. After my Dad's stroke, with the extra time spent caring for both parents, remodelling the house and moving, I didn't do any screen printing for 10 years.

I did not want to resume using the solvent-based inks I used previously, and I had to learn a completely different stencil system in order to use water-based inks. This winter I've learned to use CDF stencils that work with water based inks. I'm in the process of choosing (and mixing) a variety of new inks to get some of the same colors I used and loved for printing.

I've been reprinting some designs that have long been "out of print" and I'm starting to work on some new designs. Watch for photos of my prints of this century to be added as I finish new things.

In screen printing, each color is applied separately to each card (description of how I do it). Since resuming printing in Jan, 2010, I've finished 1360 cards and it took 9230 separate impressions to complete them!

Hand screen printed cards
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  madison mosaic hepatica capitol
  Original computer graphics designs Wildflower, botanical and Madison photo cards
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Printed in 2010
    woodland berries prairie wildflowers early spring wildflowers WI fruit gentians and lady's slippers    
Woodland Berries Prairie Wildflowers Early Spring Wildflowers Wisconsin Fruit Gentians and Lady's Slippers (Showy, Yellow, Pink)
    WI country summer Farmer's Market Vegetables yellow lady's slippers        
Wisconsin Country Summer Farmer's Market Vegetables Yellow Lady's Slippers - Door County, WI    
    Printed earlier    
    star quilt capitol Prairie Wildflower Gallery Prairie Autumn Sunny Summer Wildflowers    
Star of Bethlehem Quilt Madison Capitol Spring Prairie Wildflower Gallery Prairie Autumn Sunny Summer Wildflowers
    col lupine iris prairie spring shade summer gentians    
Columbine and Lupine Indian Paintbrush, Wild Iris and Yellow Lady's Slipper Prairie Spring Shady Summer Wildflowers Gentians, Liatris and Compass Plant
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    trillium     Country Images      
    Bloodroot, Trillium and Wild Ginger     Country Images      
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    brass woodwind brass percussion      
    Brass Quintet Woodwind Quintet Brass and Percussion        
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