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R. V. James Garden
Lots of tulips and daffodils in bloom. Iris and columbine soon!
tradescantiaHemerocallis Ashwood Summer SunshineIris germanica WabashClematis hybrida BourbonIris virginica Mountain Brook
Tradescantia bracteata | Hemerocallis Ashwood Summer Sunshine | Iris germanica Wabash | Clematis hybrida Bourbon | Iris virginica Mountain Brook
Hemerocallis Double Old IvoryHemerocallis Red VolunteerChrysanthemum maximum Crazy DaisyMonarda hybrida Gardenview ScarletRosa Love and Peace
Hemerocallis Double Old Ivory |Hemerocallis Red Volunteer | Chrysanthemum maximum Crazy Daisy |Monarda hybrida Gardenview Scarlet | Rosa Love and Peace
My 2010 "Annual Report on the Garden" (aka Christmas letter)

What grows here?Over 2000 varieties of perennials, shrubs, trees and evergreens
List of plants and photos (alphabetical by scientific name)
List of plants by common name (work in progress)
calibrachoa caladium cuphea calibrachoa impatiens
walk diamond spacer About 1000 spring flowering bulbs planted each year (tulips, daffodils, crocus, etc)
diamond spacer Originally designed (and maintained) to be almost completely wheelchair accessible for my Dad
diamond spacer Even some areas of lawn!
diamond spacer A variety of annuals (not counted!)
Perennials – Main groups:
aquilegia Aquilegia (Columbine) – about 30 varieties Clematis Clematis – about 60 varieties echinacea Echinacea (Coneflowers) – purple, yellow and hybrids
Ferns Athyrium nipponicum Silver Falls Hardy Geranium Geranium hybrida Ann Folkard Hemerocallis (Daylily) – over 300 varieties hemerocallis
  Heuchera (Coral bells) – about 25 varieties   Hosta – about 40 varieties iris Iris – about 90 varieties
Lilium (Lily) – about 70 varieties (Asiatic, Oriental, O.T, etc) lily Ornamental grasses miscanthus Prairie natives (photo of Asclepias tuberosa, Butterflyweed) asclepias
heliopsis Perennial sunflowers (Helianthus, Heliopsis) Aubrieta deltoidea Purple Heart Rock garden plants rose Roses
Woodland wildflowers hepatica        
Conifers – arborvitae, hemlock, junipers, yews, white pine, black hills spruce, several kinds of dwarf conifer
Shrubs – several Viburnum, Juneberry, Dogwood. Lilacs, others
Click on star on the diagram to see a photo of that portion of the garden



I’ve loved growing flowers for as long as I can remember.  When we extensively remodeled our house (1999-2000), most of the lawn and some of the other plantings were destroyed – the perfect time to create new flower beds!  I made the paving block path through most the garden so it was easy to get my dad around in a wheelchair.  My folks and I loved it.  Since starting the garden, tending it, searching for new plants, trying to have something in bloom at all seasons possible in WI, have been great fun and my primary source of solace and relaxation – and being able to share it with friends and neighbors is great.

My main goals in 2008 were a "plant census" to determine how many things on my planting list were still there (AND identifiable) and once identified, to label everything I could, so I wouldn't have to go through the whole process again. From the records I had of plants purchased, what area of the yard I'd planted them in and the wonderful ability to find photos of so many plants on the web, I was able to find, identify and label more plants than I'd ever thought I'd manage. My labels are an experiment - metal labels from the Everlast Label Co in MI, with laser printed clear return address labels used for idenfication (a back up system is a number assigned to each cultivar, written in crayon on the back of the marker so if the label does not survive the winter, I should still be able to ID the plant (unless the voracious "critters" around here decide to consume the metal labels as well as the plants, or move either plants or labels around!)

garden diagram
The "Everything List" - Current list of plants in my garden (locations correspond to areas on diagram to right)
Some favorite information and plant idenfication links:
Is it gardening weather?