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Card Designs

I've had fun creating card designs for many years. My work falls into three groups and a sample of each is shown below - there are many more designs on each gallery page

Hand screen printed cards silk screen cards

Silk screening is a stencil-based process.

  • For each separate color, I create a positive (black on clear acetate).
  • The positive is placed on photosensitive stencil film (on an inert backing) and exposed to light
  • The stencil is developed and washed under a stream of water
  • Areas that were exposed to light harden and resist washing
  • Areas that were blocked from light wash out
  • The stencil is then embedded in fabric (originally silk, hence the name, now polyester), stretched over a wooden frame.
  • When the stencil is dry, the backing is peeled off and the fabric holds all the areas of the stencil together.
  • Thick ink is placed on top of the screen
  • A squeegee is run over the screen and ink passes through all the open areas of the stencil ( sometimes other places too!)
  • This process is repeated for each separate color in the design.
Designs created using computer graphicscomputer graphics

Computer graphics

A number of years ago I began using computer graphics for designing and I have created a number of different designs.

The WI wildflowers, Madison Mosaic and Madison Campus Landmarks designs were all created from photos that I took.

For the Christmas designs some elements come from things I've photographed and some are complete products of my imagination (with the capacity for creating, changing . . . allowed by computer graphics it allows me lots of chances to keep trying until I get it right).

All of my original computer graphics designs are then commercially printed for me, here in Madison.

Photo cardsphoto cards

I love photography and gardens - what better way to mix the two than photos of flowers!

Over the years my parents and I took many wildflower walks in the area. After I got my own camera I began capturing a lot of the flowers I saw in photographs.

Someof the subjects of these photos are in natural areas such as the UW Arboretum, some were taken during the years I lived in NY State and some are in my own yard.

Photos of the Madison area and our beautiful Capitol building are also among my favorites.