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Tile designs, Page 7

Most designs available on mugs, tiles or coasters (availability indicated by letter - M, T and/or C after name below photo)

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Orchids: Cattleya etc., Cypripedium, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, etc., Phragmipedium, other species, Groups

Wildflowers of the Arboretum a series of tiles and mugs available for sale ONLY at the UW Arboretum book store. Take a look at the photos and then go there and purchase one!

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To order MOST tiles:Click on one of the "Order a tile or coaster" links. This will take you to the bottom of the page where you can enter the item number (T-###) and name of the tile you wish to order.

A FEW tiles have different size or color options.For these, follow the link immediately below the thumbnail to order.

Farmer's Market Produce Order a tile or coaster top of page top
tile apple empire 5306.jpg tile apples 5257.jpg tile crucifers 5302.jpg tile gourds 5297.jpg    
T-650 Apple, Empire T-651 Apple mix T-659 Crucifers T-653 Gourds T-656 Mixed autumn vegetables T-658 Onions
  tile peppers red 5285.jpg   tile pumpkins 5294.jpg    
T-655 Pepper, mix T-654 Pepper, red T-657 Potatoes T-652 Pumpkin    
    Order a tile or coaster top of page top
Farmer's Market Mandalas Order a tile or coaster top of page top
tile apple mandala 5300.jpg   tile beet mandala 707.jpg      
T-660 Apple, Empire   T-707 Beet T-708 Beet T-709 Beet T-710 Beet
T-711 Beet T-712 Beet T-713 Beet T-714 Beet T-715 Beet  
tile gourd mandala 5281.jpg     tile pepper mix mandala 5282.jpg    
T-662 Gourd T-663 Gourd   T-664 Pepper T-665 Pepper  
  Order a tile or coaster top of page top
tile potato mandala 5245.jpg tile pumpkin mandala 5278.jpg   tile radish mandela 704.jpg    
T-670 Potatoes T-661 Pumpkin   T-704 Radish T-705 Radish T-706 Radish
T-671 Vegetable mix T-672 Vegetable mix T-666 Vegetables, autumn mix T-667 Vegetables, autumn mix T-668 Vegetables, autumn mix T-669 Vegetables, autumn mix
  Order a tile or coaster top of page top
  Order a tile or coaster top of page top
Order tile here
6 x 6-inch ceramic tile $12.95 each Tiles may be ordered with Glossy or Satin finish.
Suitable for use as a trivet or to frame and hang on the wall. Frames available
8 x 8-inch ceramic tile $17.95 each
The easiest way to fill in the order box below is to highlight the item number and name below the thumbnail of the design you are choosing, copy that text and paste it in the box below.
Tile size and finish
Enter design number
Enter design name
Please enter design number and name and "Add to cart" separately for each design. If you wish to order more than one of a design, you can change the quantity in the shopping cart.

NOTE: the text entry boxes do not clear automatically when you "Add to Cart". If you wish to order another design from this page, be sure to clear the text boxes and then enter the new information.

Order coaster here
4 x 4-inch coaster $7.95 each Glossy ceramic tile with cork backing
3.5 x 3.5-inch coaster $7.95 each "Sandstone" (porous ceramic bisque) with cork backing
Coaster type
Enter design number
Enter design name
coaster sandstone 8292.jpg adiantum coaster
3.5 inch sandstone coaster 4 inch glossy tile coaster
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