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Welcome to my world of daylilies!


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They play a big role in my garden
and in my graphic arts designs
daylily garden

items for sale

daylily custom

I'm a dedicated (some may say fanatic) gardener who enjoys growing a variety of plants (including a LOT of daylilies), experimenting and watching things grow through the seasons. I also love photographing my flowers and then using them in my graphic design work. A few plants "sneak" into my designs that are not in my own garden but the majority are in my yard and all the items I have listed for sale are designed by me from my own photographs.

This page serves as an index to the variety of items I make and sell. Some things are for sale on this website, many will lead will be links leading to items in my shop on Etsy, and in other cases, my designs are printed on items I cannot make myself by a couple of other companies and sold directly by them (I receive a royalty for my designs). Some links on this page will lead to my work on Society6 and Zazzle.

Most of my designs can be placed on almost any item you see here. If the design you like best is not on the item you want please contact me to see if I can make it! (rvjames (at) - - change the " (at) " to the @ sign to use email)

Daylily items for sale!

mug display of daylilies I white

tile hem m bennett 0674 s6 t shirt hem blanket pillow

6x6" tile/trivet

T shirts Throw Blankets Throw pillows/covers

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tote rug clock tap 7962624_1546730-tps_pm.jpg
Shower Curtain

Tote bags

Rugs Wall Clock Tapestry I, Tapestry II

laptop phone

print scarf hem 203784.jpg beanie-188304-right daylily.jpg plate glass disp daylilies 2b.jpg
Phone/computer cases


Silk Scarf Beanie cap Glass plate

tap 7962624_1546730-tps_pm.jpg

switch clock magnet daylily 2.jpg coaster puzzle daylilies II 2.jpg
Glass Cutting Board (any daylily design can be adapted to go on this item)

LIght switch cover (single or double) on Etsy

Desk Clock Refrigerator magnet Puzzle Coasters
LOTS more to come - please check back!
ph Hemerocallis Michael Bennett ph360 1057.jpg ph hem kal 1228.jpg pot holder napkin daylily mandala fold.jpg  
Michael Bennett Pot holder Daylily Mandala Pot holder Pot holder - any daylily design can be made on a pot holder Daylily Mandala Cloth Napkins Cloth Napkins (any daylily design can be adapted to go on this item)
pw pw w pw  
Paper weight - Flames of Fortune mandala Paper weight - Joan Derifield Paper weight - Michael Bennett mandala Paper weight - Red Volunteer mandala  
mouse pad