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Custom work from your photo

(page under construction)

Examples of recent custom work that I have done

Current daylily designs and items that I have made

The majority of the items I create are produced using dye-sublimation printing. An image is printed on an inkjet printer (devoted to sublimation dyes). This image is then applied to the blank object using a heat press (360 - 400 F). The dye forming the image reacts chemically with the coating on the ceramic item or the polyester cloth fibers. It is actually incorporated INTO the coating or fiber and is not applied to the surface or "painted" on. Images will fade in strong sunlight but they stand up well to microwaving or dishwashing (mugs) or to heat (up to 375 F) for trivet/tiles.

This table lists information about the image I need from you to produce a good image on what you order and lists the items I am familiar with printing. There are many more kinds of "blanks" available that I MAY be able to do so if there is an item you wish to have "daylilied" that you don't see here, check with me. Here is one source of sublimation blanks on which images can be applied (please note: I work only with items that can be pressed flat or with 11 ounce size mug press - this excludes cylindrical objects of different sizes, plates, caps, etc.)

Return to the page of daylily items I've made from my own photographs

Requirements for photo original you supply for sublimation printing.

  • email a jpg file of your photo to me (rvjames(at) - replace (at) with @ to use address)
  • for good quality reproduction, I need an image with a resolution of 300 ppi at the ACTUAL size to be applied to your item
  • since you know exactly what your flower looks like, be sure the image depicts the colors and contrast that you wish. I can't tell how to adjust it to reproduce what you see so I will not adjust colors or contrast after I receive the image. I have found that I am able to reproduce colors of my photos very well on the sublimated products that I create.
  • there are two steps described below to order you photo on an item
    • First decide how much work I will need to do to prepare your photo (choose a set up fee). If you're not sure, email me the image and I'll let you know what setup would be required to use it for an order.
    • Second choose what item(s) you'd like to have that photo appear on
Set up charges working from an 8 x 10 print or anything smaller
      Choose set up fee for each photo (you MUST choose one of these for each photo)
  • photo ready to be applied "as is" – (no size adjustment, cropping or masking)
  • one line of small font size text below photo is included in this price (I generally use 6 point text on my designs). This could be name of plant, your name, etc.
$8 per photo ONE time set up fee
Set up needed
Photo name
  • addiitional lettering, cropping or editing desired
$15 per photo ONE time set up fee
  • to create a masked view of your flower from a photo (as you see with many of my images, where all background has been removed)
$40 per photo ONE time set up fee

8 x 10 is the largest image I can print using the equipment I have)

  • You can then order your photo applied to any of the items you see below. Paying the set up fee once for a photo allows you to order as many items with that same photo as you wish with no additional set up fee. If you want to order several different sized items, be sure your image is appropriate for the LARGEST you wish to order
  • A separate set up fee is needed for each photo you submit
  • I will keep stored images 5 years from when I receive them and there will not be additonal setup charges if you wish to order again. Prices of individual items may change over time, depending on the price of the blanks that I get on which to apply designs.


  11 oz white mug    
Photo for this mug
    Image size: 3" high; up to 7" wide $11.95
  Square ceramic tile    
Tile size
Photo for square tile



Image size: 4x4"





Image size: 6x6"


    8x8" Image size: 8x8" $16.95
  Rectangular ceramic tile    
Tile size
Photo for rectangular tile
    6x8" Image size: 6x8" $15.95
    8x10" Image size: 8x10" $24.95
  Pot holder 8x8" $9.95  
  Mouse pad 7x9" $9.95  
  White towel up to 7" wide x 10" high $11.95  
  Heat transfer  
  Tote bag  
  T shirt - white, sizes S, M, L, XL  
  Crew sweat shirt - white, sizes S, M, L, XL