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Wildflowers of the Arboretum  
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I've designed a set of tiles and mugs specially for the UW-Madison Arboretum. In addition to the photo, the meaning of the genus and species and habitat information - in WI overall, and in the Arboretum specifically - are included. They are available only at the book store in the Arboretum visitor center. (UW-Madison Arboretum, 1207 Seminole Hwy, Madison, WI, 53711-3726).
tile gentianopsis 8143.jpg mug gentianopsis 8133.jpg mug gentianopsis 8132.jpg
tile bloodroot 8147.jpg mug bloodroot 8139.jpg mug bloodroot 8138.jpg
  mug dicentra 8128.jpg mug dicentra 8128.jpg
  mug jeffersonia 8135.jpg mug jeffersonia 8134.jpg
tile ratibida 8145.jpg mug ratibida 8131.jpg mug ratibida 8130.jpg
tile trilium 8146.psd mug trillium 8137.jpg mug trillium 8136.jpg
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Mug manufacturer's description: Dish washer and microwave safe (some loss of vividness can arise if the print is exposed to too much bright light and heat, the protective film can also lose its luster if washed too frequently in harsh dishwasher cycles).
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