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Mugs, Page 3

Most designs available on mugs, tiles or coasters (availability indicated by letter - M, T and/or C after name below photo)

Madison | Wisconsin | Nature color series | Botanical kaleidoscopes
Clematis | Daylilies – Hemerocallis | Iris | Lilies | Garden perennials | Trees and shrubs | Wildflowers
Orchids: Cattleya etc., Cypripedium, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, etc., Phragmipedium, other species, Groups
11 oz white ceramic mug, $9.95 each

Graphic on each mug is about 2.75-3" high (width varies with design)
Dish washer and microwave safe


  • Click on one of the "Order a mug" links. This will take you to the bottom of the page where you can enter the design number and name of the mug you wish to order.
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Orchids – Cattleya, etc.
Potinara Chief Sweet Orange 027.jpg slc aloha apricot.jpg Jungle Jewel 080.jpg pot mt yellowthorne 021.jpg Laeliocattleya 029.jpg Laelia pumila 028.jpg
M-027 Potinara Chief Sweet Orange (M,T,C) Details M-081 Slc Aloha Apricot 'Waunakee' (M,T,C) Details M-080 Potinara Hisako Akatsuka x Slc. Jungle Jewel (M,T,C) Details M-021 Potinara Mount Yellowthorne 'Sun Peak' (M,T,C) Details M-029 Laeliocattleya (M,T,C) Details M-028 Laelia pumila (M,C) Details
scheher 008.jpg Potinara Mount Yellowthorne 'Sun Peak’ 038.jpg pot slc qt 082.jpg      
M-008 SLC Scheherezade (M,T) Details M-038 Potinara Mount Yellowthorne 'Sun Peak' (on black) (M,T) Details M-082 Potinara & SLC Quartet (M,T) Details      
Orchids – Cypripedium, wild Lady's Slippers
Listed in "Wildflowers" section, Page 1      
Orchids – Paphiopedilum, Lady's slippers Order a mug top of page top
paph 009.jpg paph 010.jpg paph 011.jpg paph 012.jpg paph 013.jpg paph 014.jpg
M-009 Paph Maudiae (M,T,C) Details M-010 Paph callosum (blue background) (M,T) Details M-011 Paph callosum (M,T,C) Details M-012 Paphiopedilum 'St Alban' (M,T,C) Details M-013 Paph spicereanum (M,T,C) Details M-014 Paph conco-callosum (blue background) (M,T) Details
paph 015.jpg paph 062.jpg paph 064.jpg paph 065.jpg paph micranthum.jpg  
M-015 Paph conco-callosum (M,T,C) Details M-062 Paphiopedilum Rosy Dawn (M,T,C) Details M-064 Paphiopedilum (M,T,C) Details M-065 Paphiopedilum Leyburnense (M,T,C) Details M-091 Paphiopedilum micranthum (M,T,C) Details  
Orchids – Phragmipedium, Lady's slippers Order a mug top of page top
phragmipedium 022.jpg phragmipedium 040.jpg phragmipedium 020.jpg phragmipedium 041.jpg phragmipedium 059.jpg phragmipedium 039.jpg
M-022 Phragmipedium on white Details M-040 Phragmipedium on black Details M-020 Phragmipedium on white Details M-041 Phragmipedium on black Details M-059 Phragmipedium Twilight on white Details M-039 Phragmipedium Twilight on black Details
phrag and paph quartet Phragmipedium kovachii.jpg        
M-079 Ladyslipper Quartet Details M-084 Phragmipedium kovachii on black Details M-139 Phragmipedium kovachii on white Details      

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The easiest way to fill in the order box below is to highlight the item number and name below the thumbnail of the design you are choosing, copy that text and paste it in the box below.
Please list design name
Design number
 Please enter design number and "Add to cart" separately for each design. If you wish to order more than one of a design, you can change the quantity in the shopping cart.

NOTE: the design entry box does not clear automatically when you "Add to Cart". If you wish to order another design from this page, be sure to delete the name of the previous one, then enter the new name.

Mug manufacturer's description: Dish washer and microwave safe (some loss of vividness can arise if the print is exposed to too much bright light and heat, the protective film can also lose its luster if washed too frequently in harsh dishwasher cycles).
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