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A multitude of mug designs!

Most designs available on mugs, tiles or coasters (availability indicated by letter - M, T and/or C after name below photo)

Madison | Wisconsin | Nature color series | Botanical kaleidoscopes
Clematis | Daylilies – Hemerocallis | Iris | Lilies | Garden perennials | Trees and shrubs | Wildflowers
Orchids: Cattleya etc., Cypripedium, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, etc., Phragmipedium, other species, Groups

11 oz white ceramic mugs

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Graphic on each mug is about 2.75-3" high (width varies with design)
Dish washer and microwave safe

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madison mosaic univ bay capitol building.jpg
mug madison 2475.jpg mug madison 2473.jpg mug DS-002 University Bay 7100.jpg mug DS-002 University Bay 7099.jpg mug DS-042 State Capitol Building  6748.jpg mug DS-042 State Capitol Building 6747.jpg
M-148 Madison Mosaic (M,T)
M-002 University Bay (M,T)
M-042 State Capitol Building – Madison, WI (M) Details
mug DS-001 Madison Campus Landmarks 7105          
M-001 Madison Campus Landmarks (M,T) Details          
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Wisconsin top of page top
wi mug / /mug DS-003 WI Country Sampler 7101   mug DS-146 WI Wildf mug DS-146 WI Wildf
M2 WI Country Images (M) Details   M-003 WI Country Sampler (M,T,C) Details   M-146 WI Wildflowers (M,T)
Names of all the wildflowers shown on the back
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Nature Color Series top of page top
If I don't have a photo of the mug yet, you will see a picture of the matching tile. For the mug a portion of the image is cropped from top and bottom and more is shown at the sides, to permit the wrap-around image on the mug.
hibiscus red mug 0224 tile 384 ilex verticillata fruit close up 0803.jpg mug351 lilium claude schride 0836 hem mary's baby 0761.jpg tile clematis bourbon 0754.jpg tile h joan derifield 0073
M-337 Hibiscus M-384 Ilex verticillata, winterberry M-351 Lilium martagon 'Claude Shride' w/bkgrd M-361 Hemerocallis Mary's Baby M-352 Clematis 'Bourbon M-338 Red Daylily Joan Derifield
      tile365 viburnum trilobum 0811 tile viburnum trilobum berries 0758 tile363 acer saccharum leaf 0807
M-349 Clematis 'Rebecca'' M-350 Aster novae-angliae 'Alma Potschke' M-364 viburnum trilobum leaves dark bright red M-365 viburnum trilobum leaves darker burgundy M-366 viburnum trilobum fruit M-363 Acer saccharum Fall Fiesta sugar maple leaves
mug386 aronia red chokeberry 0844 tile380 malus fruit closeup 0809 tile H eggplant tile 0566 tile393 Acer japonicum Bloodgood 0796 tile396 amelanchier leaf 0794 mug397 amelanchier branch 0863
M-386 aronia, red chokeberry M-380 Malus fruit close up M-389 Daylily Eggplant Electricity M-393 Acer palmatum Bloodgood M-396 Amelanchier fall leaf M-397 Amelanchier fall branch
        M-378 gaillardia M-348 Dicentra 'Burning Hearts'
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butterflyweed tile 0571.jpg hem pinched fingers 0753.jpg mug385 bittersweet 0846 mug390 poppy 0848 tile hem flames of fortune 0781 tile puccoon 0747
M-345 Asclepias tuberosa, Butterfly weed M-379 Daylily Highland Pinched Fingers M-385 Celastrus scandens, American bittersweet M-390 Papaver orientale, 'Prince of Orange' Oriental Poppy M-369 Hemerocallis Flames of Fortune M-357 puccoon
Helianthus lemon mug 0216 solidago 0079.jpg tile caltha 0670.jpg mug353 rudbeckia 0862    
M-342 yellow Helianthus lemon queen M-343 Yellow Solidago Caltha palustris w/ background M-353 Rudbeckia subtomentosa M-354 M-367 forsythia M-368 crocus gold
tile quercus bic 399 0983          
M-399 Quercus bicolor, swamp white oak         M-381 larch, gold
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tile hydrangea annabelle 0756   tile hem indy seductress 0777      
M-372 Hydrangea Annabelle M-373 trillium grandiflorum closeup M-371 Hemerocallis Indy Seductress      
dahlia 0086.jpg rosa rain sorb tile 0587.jpg tile H mabou 0083 mug362 vib carlesii 0856    
M-341 Coral Dahlia M-339 Rosa Rainbow Sorbet M-340 Hemerocallis Mabou M-362 Viburnum carlesii M-376 colchicum autumn crocus 1 deeper M-377 colchicum autumn crocus 2 paler
M-370 echinacea purpurea, pomegranite          
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mug crocus 0047 monarda tile 0561.jpg mug347 ipomoea grandpa ott 0833   tile h m bennett tile 0586 aster purple tile
M-344 purple Crocus M-358 monarda fistulosa M-347 Morning Glory Ipomoea purpurea 'Grandpa Ott's' M-359 Echinacea purpurea, eastern purple coneflower M-360 Hemerocallis Michael Bennett M-346 Aster novi-belgii 'Royal Opal'
morning glory mug 0213 hydrangea blue mug 0227 tile litho purp 0205 tile convol tri 0199.jpg spiderwort tile 0575.jpg lobelia tile 0569
M-333 Blue heavenly blue morning glory M-334 Blue hydrangea M-335 Blue lithospermum M-336 Blue Convolvulus M-355 Tradescantia M-356 lobelia
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tile caladium aaron 0755.jpg tile hosta great exp 0762   tile383 Pinus strobus white pine whorl 0801    
M-374 Caladium Aaron M-375 Hosta 'Great Expectations' M-382 Pinus strobus, white pine branch M-383 Pinus strobus, white pine whorl    
M-391 Asclepias milkweed & Univ Bay M-394 Betula nigra, river birch        
M-387 Picea pungens, blue spruce M-388 Abies concolor, white fir M-398 Shagbark Hickory bark, Carya ovata      
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Mug manufacturer's description: Dish washer and microwave safe (some loss of vividness can arise if the print is exposed to too much bright light and heat, the protective film can also lose its luster if washed too frequently in harsh dishwasher cycles).
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