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Mugs, Page 5

Most designs available on mugs, tiles or coasters (availability indicated by letter - M, T and/or C after name below photo)

Madison | Wisconsin | Nature color series | Botanical kaleidoscopes
Clematis | Daylilies – Hemerocallis | Iris | Lilies | Garden perennials | Trees and shrubs | Wildflowers
Orchids: Cattleya etc., Cypripedium, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, etc., Phragmipedium, other species, Groups
11 oz white ceramic mug, $10.95 each

Graphic on each mug is about 2.75-3" high (width varies with design)
Dish washer and microwave safe


  • Click on one of the "Order a mug" links. This will take you to the bottom of the page where you can enter the design number and name of the mug you wish to order.
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Botanical kaleidoscopes Order a mug top of page top
mug tile kaleidoscope 052.jpg mug tile kaleidoscope 053.jpg mug tile kaleidoscope 054.jpg mug tile kaleidoscope 061.jpg mug tile kaleidoscope 092.jpg mug tile kaleidoscope 093.jpg
M-052 Cymbidium Via Ambarino 'Golden Harvest' M-053 Cymbidium Via Ambarino 'Golden Harvest' M-054 Miltoniopsis M-061 Doritaenopsis Chain Xen Pearl M-092 kaleidoscope Dendrobium M-093 kaleidoscope Dendrobium
Garden perennials Order a mug top of page top
Clematis, Daylilies, Iris, Lilies      
anemonella oscar 106.jpg   garden swirl mosaic garden mosaic
M-106 Anemonella thalictroides 'Oscar Schoaf' Double rue-anemone   M-161 Garden Swirl Mosaic (M) M-182 Garden Mosaic
Clematis Order a mug top of page top
cluster of clematis        
mug DS-119 Cascade of Clematis 7164.jpg mug DS-119 Cascade of Clematis 7166.jpg mug DS-111 Clematis viticella 'Walenburg, C. texensis 7160.jpg mug DS-114 Clematis 'Bourbon'  7161.jpg mug DS-113 Clematis 'Multiblue' 7157.jpg mug DS-112 Clematis 'Nelly Moser', 'Mikelite 7145.jpg
M-119 Cascade of Clematis - design wraps all the way around the mug
M-111 Clematis viticella 'Walenburg, C. texensis 'Princess Diana', 'Confetti' M-114 Clematis 'Bourbon' M-113 Clematis 'Multiblue' ' M-112 Clematis 'Nelly Moser', 'Mikelite
mug DS-115 Clematis 'Ruutel' 7162.jpg mug DS-116 Clematis 'Silmakivi', 'Rouge Cardinal' 7151.jpg mug DS-110 Clematis 'The President', 'Versailles', 'Henryi' 7159.jpg mug DS-109 Clematis 'Warsaw Nike' 7158.jpg mug DS-118 Clematis 'Rebecca' 7156.jpg mug DS-117 Clematis viticella 7155.jpg
M-115 Clematis 'Ruutel' M-116 Clematis 'Silmakivi', 'Rouge Cardinal ' M-110 Clematis 'The President', 'Versailles', 'Henryi' M-109 Clematis 'Warsaw Nike' (aka 'Warszawska Nike' , 'Midnight Showers') M-118 Clematis 'Rebecca' M-117 Clematis viticella 'Mme Julia Correvon', C. viticella venosa violacea
Iris Order a mug top of page top
ds-155 iris garden white.jpg ds-156 iris garden black.jpg    
mug DS-155 iris white 6993.jpg mug DS-155 iris white 6994.jpg mug DS-156 kiris black 6996.jpg mug DS-156 6997.jpg iris calypso beat mug 8209.jpg iris connection 8202.jpg
M-155 Iris garden on white
Details (M)
M-156 Iris garden on black
Details (M)
M-170 Iris 'Calypso Beat' (M T C) M-174 Iris 'Connection' (M T C)
iris footloose mug  8196.jpg /iris freedom song mug 8198.jpg iris gypsy romance mug 8203.jpg /iris mostest mug 8206.jpg iris play to win 8208.jpg iris sea master mug 8201.psd
M-176 Iris 'Footloose' (M T C) M-173 Iris 'Freedom Song' (M T C) M-177 Iris 'Gypsy Romance' (M T C) M-172 Iris 'Mostest' (M T C) M-168 Iris 'Play to Win' (M T C) M-171 Iris 'Sea Master' (M T C)
iris stepping out 8199.jpg iris visiting royalty 8204.jpg        
M-169 Iris 'Stepping Out' M-175 Iris 'Visiting Royalty'        
Lilies Order a mug top of page top
lilium 087.jpg lilium 086.jpg lilium martagon 094.jpg lilium martagon 095.jpg lilium martagon 096.jpg lilium martagon 097.jpg
M-087 Lilium 'American Flame' (M,T,C) Details M-086 Lilium 'Sarabande' (M,T,C) Details M-094 Martagon lily trio (on black) Details M-095 Lilium martagon 'Mrs. R. O. Backhouse' Details M-096 Lilium martagon 'Claude Shride' Details M-097 Lilium martagon 'Moonyeen' Details
lilium 098.jpg lilium 099.jpg lilium 100.jpg lilium 101.jpg lilium 102.jpg lilium 103.jpg
M-098 Lilium 'Orania' (white background) Details M-099 Lilium 'Orania' (black background) Details M-100 Lilium 'Enjoy' (white background) Details M-101 Lilium 'Enjoy' (black background) Details M-102 Lilium 'Silk Road' (white background) Details M-103 Lilium 'Silk Road' (black background) Details
lilium 104.jpg lilium 105.jpg        
M-104 Lilium 'Gold City' (white background) Details M-105 Lilium 'Gold City' (black background) Details        
Trees and shrubs Order a mug top of page top
Other botanical designs Order a mug top of page top
mug tulip 7 6587.jpg mug tulip 6586.jpg        
M-130 Tulip septet (M) M-131 Tulip border (M)        
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Mug manufacturer's description: Dish washer and microwave safe (some loss of vividness can arise if the print is exposed to too much bright light and heat, the protective film can also lose its luster if washed too frequently in harsh dishwasher cycles).
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