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R. V. James Garden - list of plants and photos
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Hemerocallis (Daylily) Collection: E-I
  Genus species cv common name number location
  Hemerocallis   Early and Often   2179 e path
  Hemerocallis Earth Music   1227 fb
Hemerocallis Eliminate The Negative Hemerocallis   Eliminate The Negative   2201 nfb
  Hemerocallis   Enduring Freedom   2077 mr
Hemerocallis Enjoy Hemerocallis Enjoy   1973 s garage
  Hemerocallis   Enter Night   2061 np
Hemerocallis Etched Eyes Hemerocallis   Etched Eyes   2034 circle
Hemerocallis Evening Concerto Hemerocallis   Evening Concerto   2110 mr
  Hemerocallis   Eye of Horus   2162 e path
Hemerocallis Face Dancer Hemerocallis   Face Dancer   2062 np
Hemerocallis Fairytale Pink Hemerocallis   Fairytale Pink   1746 nfb
  Hemerocallis   Ferengi Gold   2082 mr
  Hemerocallis   Festival of Lights   1719 dad's garden
  Hemerocallis   Final Exams   2094 e path
Hemerocallis Final Touch Hemerocallis   Final Touch   960 crescent
  Hemerocallis   Finger Lakes   2117 s driveway
Hemerocallis Fire Engine Hemerocallis Fire Engine   1944 s garage
Hemerocallis Flames of Fortune Hemerocallis   Flames of Fortune   1758 Dad's garden
Hemerocallis Frances Joiner Hemerocallis   Frances Joiner   1939 nfb
Hemerocallis Francis of Assisi Hemerocallis Francis of Assisi    1239 mr
Hemerocallis Frankie's Fantasy Hemerocallis   Frankie's Fantasy   2019 ff
Hemerocallis Frans Hals Hemerocallis Frans Hals   2040 s driveway
Hemerocallis Free Wheelin Hemerocallis   Free Wheelin   1477 nfb
  Hemerocallis   French Tudor   1759 s driveway
Hemerocallis Friar's Lantern Hemerocallis   Friar's Lantern   1760 Dad's garden
  Hemerocallis   Frost Avenue   1761 nfb
Hemerocallis Fun Fling Hemerocallis   Fun Fling   2020 circle
Hemerocallis Galileo Hemerocallis   Galileo   2407 Dad's garden
  Hemerocallis   Garden Symphony   2052 mr
Hemerocallis Gentle Ed Hemerocallis   Gentle Ed   2131 e path
Hemerocallis Gentle Shepherd Hemerocallis Gentle Shepherd   315 ff
Hemerocallis Georgette Belden Hemerocallis   Georgette Belden   2063 np
Hemerocallis Glory on High Hemerocallis Glory on High   1989 piano window
Hemerocallis Gold Embroidery Hemerocallis Gold Embroidery   2041 ff
Hemerocallis Golden Chimes Hemerocallis   Golden Chimes   2504 nfb
  Hemerocallis   Gorgeous Georgie   1723 dad's garden
Hemerocallis Gracie Buttercup Hemerocallis Gracie Buttercup   1237 piano
Hemerocallis Great Ceasar's Ghost Hemerocallis Great Caesar's Ghost     1329 fb
  Hemerocallis   Grey Witch   2042 circle
  Hemerocallis Guiding Hand   1283 e deck
  Hemerocallis Guilliver's Travels   1932 crescent
  Hemerocallis   Hard Times   2160 e path
Hemerocallis Heavenly Starfire Hemerocallis   Heavenly Starfire   2165 ash
Hemerocallis Hemlock Hemerocallis  Hemlock   1151 crescent
Hemerocallis Here Comes Santa Claus Hemerocallis   Here Comes Santa Claus   1731 dad's garden
  Hemerocallis   Hermitage Newton   2064 circle
Hemerocallis Heron Hemerocallis  Heron   1152 dad's garden
Hemerocallis Higher Ambition Hemerocallis   Higher Ambition   1694 nfb
Hemerocallis Highland Pinched Fingers Hemerocallis   Highland Pinched Fingers   2118 dad's garden
Hemerocallis Hillsdale Hemerocallis Hillsdale   316 north garden
Hemerocallis Hold Your Horses Hemerocallis   Hold Your Horses   2171 north garden
  Hemerocallis   Holiday in Dixie   1974 s driveway
Hemerocallis Holly Dancer Hemerocallis   Holly Dancer   2021 ff
Hemerocallis Humble Cry Hemerocallis   Humble Cry   2119 mr
Hemerocallis Hush Little Baby Hemerocallis Hush Little Baby   317 north garden
Hemerocallis Hyperion Hemerocallis Hyperion   1975 mr
Hemerocallis I See Stars Hemerocallis   I See Stars   2166 ash
Hemerocallis Ice Carnival Hemerocallis Ice Carnival   318 crescent
  Hemerocallis   Ice Trumpets   1465 e path
Hemerocallis Indy Charmer Hemerocallis   Indy Charmer    2089 mr
Hemerocallis Indy Fireworks Hemerocallis Indy Fireworks   1230 fb
Hemerocallis Indy Rhapsody Hemerocallis Indy Rhapsody   1231 garden
Hemerocallis Indy Seductress Hemerocallis   Indy Seductress   2099 mr
Hemerocallis Instant Celebration Hemerocallis   Instant Celebration   2065 np
  Hemerocallis   Integrated Logistics   1575 ff
Hemerocallis (Daylily) Collection: E-I