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R. V. James Garden - list of plants and photos
click on a photo to see a larger image (photos are being added regularly)

Hemerocallis (Daylily) Collection: N-R
  Genus species cv common name number location
  Hemerocallis   Nancy Britz   2084 mr
Hemerocallis Nanuq Hemerocallis Nanuq Daylily 326 north garden
Hemerocallis New Clown Face Hemerocallis New Clown Face   1978 s driveway
  Hemerocallis   New Purple Heart   2050 arch garden
Hemerocallis Newberry Frilly Lady Hemerocallis   Newberry Frilly Lady   2022 ff
Hemerocallis Nile Crane Hemerocallis   Nile Crane   2111 crescent
Hemerocallis Noble Lord Hemerocallis Noble Lord    2008 s garage
Hemerocallis Norman Lee Hennell Hemerocallis Norman Lee Hennel   2009 s driveway
  Hemerocallis   North Wind Dancer   2085 dad's garden
Hemerocallis Nosferatu Hemerocallis   Nosferatu   2068 circle
  Hemerocallis   Notify Ground Crew   2069 nfb
  Hemerocallis   Now and Zen   2086 mr
Hemerocallis Oh Joy Oh Rapture Hemerocallis   Oh Joy Oh Rapture Daylily 1732 nfb
Hemerocallis Old King Cole Hemerocallis   Old King Cole Daylily 1764 s garage
Hemerocallis Olive Bailey Langdon Hemerocallis Olive Bailey Langdon Daylily 327 mr
  Hemerocallis   Oliver Billingslea   2112 s driveway
  Hemerocallis   Omomuki Daylily 1765 Dad's garden
Hemerocallis On and On Hemerocallis On and On Daylily 329 kitchen
  Hemerocallis   One Last Straw   2122 fb
  Hemerocallis   Only the Lonely   2181 mr
Hemerocallis Orchid Corsage Hemerocallis Orchid Corsage   2023 circle
  Hemerocallis Oriental Ruby Daylily 328 crescent
Hemerocallis Painted Pink Hemerocallis Painted Pink Daylily 330 kitchen
Hemerocallis Palace Pagoda Hemerocallis Palace Pagoda   1979 s driveway
Hemerocallis Pandora's Box Hemerocallis   Pandora's Box   2079 mr
  Hemerocallis  Parian China Daylily 1155 crescent
  Hemerocallis Pastor James Daylily 1295 fb
  Hemerocallis   Patchwork Puzzle   2123 s driveway
Hemerocallis Patricia Fay Hemerocallis Patricia Fay Daylily 331 circle
  Hemerocallis   Paul Voth   2070 mr
  Hemerocallis Peacock Maiden   2010 s driveway
Hemerocallis Pearls Before Swine Hemerocallis   Pearls Before Swine Daylily 1725 nfb
  Hemerocallis Petite Palace Rose   2011 s driveway
  Hemerocallis Penny's Worth Daylily 332 kitchen
Hemerocallis Persian Ruby Hemerocallis  Persian Ruby Daylily 1699 dad's garden
  Hemerocallis   Persistent Lady   2172 Dad's garden
  Hemerocallis   Pinhill Claret Symphony   2150 fb
  Hemerocallis   Pink Super Spider   2124 mr
  Hemerocallis Poinciana Regal   2012 s driveway
Hemerocallis Prairie Moonlight Hemerocallis Prairie Moonlight   1980 s driveway
Hemerocallis Precious One Hemerocallis Precious One Daylily 333 mr
Hemerocallis President Hadley Hemerocallis   President Hadley  Daylily 1766 s driveway
  Hemerocallis   Prismatic   2125 mr
  Hemerocallis   Prom Flower   1469 mr
  Hemerocallis   Pure and Simple   2103 crescent
Hemerocallis Purple Arachne Hemerocallis Purple Arachne   1941 mr
  Hemerocallis   Quiet My Heart Daylily 1767 s garage
  Hemerocallis   Radio Tower Tall Daylily 1418 circle
Hemerocallis Realms of Glory Hemerocallis Realms of Glory Daylily 334 ff
  Hemerocallis   Red Dynamite   1901 s garage
  Hemerocallis   Red Hill   2167 fb
  Hemerocallis Red Pinnochio Daylily 1232 garden
Hemerocallis Red Select Hemerocallis   Red Select Daylily 1243 kitchen
  Hemerocallis   Red Suspenders   2025 ff
Hemerocallis Red Volunteer Hemerocallis Red Volunteer Daylily 335 prairie garden
Hemerocallis Regal Finale Hemerocallis Regal Finale   2018 s driveway
Hemerocallis Robin Elmore Hemerocallis Robin Elmore Daylily 336 kitchen
Hemerocallis Rock Lobster Hemerocallis Rock Lobster Daylily 1343 piano window
  Hemerocallis   Rocket Booster Daylily 2151 tympani
  Hemerocallis   Rococo Daylily 2026 ff
Hemerocallis Romantic Returns Hemerocallis Romantic Returns Daylily 1733 npe
  Hemerocallis   Romulan Defector Daylily 1664 circle
  Hemerocallis Root Beer Daylily 2013 s driveway
Hemerocallis Rootin Tootin Red Hemerocallis Rootin Tootin Red Daylily 337 ff
  Hemerocallis Rose Loveliness   2014 s driveway
  Hemerocallis   Roses In Snow   2178 north garden
Hemerocallis Royal Occasion Hemerocallis Royal Occasion Daylily 338 north garden
Hemerocallis Rozavel Hemerocallis Rozavel   1940 s driveway
  Hemerocallis   Ruby Knight Daylily 1868 dad's garden
  Hemerocallis   Ruby Spider Daylily 1698 Dad's garden
Hemerocallis Ruby Throat Hemerocallis Ruby Throat Daylily 339 north garden
  Hemerocallis Ruffled Parchment Daylily 1238 fb
Hemerocallis Ruffled Ruby Hemerocallis Ruffled Ruby Daylily 340 mr
Hemerocallis Russian Rhapsody Hemerocallis Russian Rhapsody Daylily 341 mr
Hemerocallis (Daylily) Collection: N-R